05 May 2013

Ferrymeade Heritage Park

Today we went to the Ferrymeade Heritage Park, which recreates a small town built 100 years ago in ferrymeade, complete with a double decker bus, running trams, and a steam engine.  Zack is really into trains, so he has been asking to go back since we went on Easter 6 weeks ago.

We got to ride a double decker steam tram today, the last of its kind in Christchurch.  There were 7 of them running people around Christchurch 100 years ago, but only one runs today.  It was really cool.

Ben and Zack played for quite a while at the playground there, which has a stegosaurus slide and a sea serpent ride on toy. 

The weather cooperated nicly, and it was warm and partly cloudy for the afternoon. We had a picnic lunch at the picnic area of the park, which helps to keep costs down.  Food at the park is pricy, so bringing your own is just being wallet smart.


  1. Man, you've made it to the park in our backyard and we haven't even been there yet (after 5 months living by Ferrymead!). Looks like a good time!

    1. The kids love it! Ben and Zack obsess over Thomas the Train, so Ferrymeade is just like the Thomas stories. You should visit!