07 December 2012

Visit to the Fire Station

Ben has joined the Te Awe Awe Boy scout troop in Hokowhitu, and we went on a pack field trip to the Fire Station this Tuesday.

The coolest part of the trip was seeing the fire truck leave to go to a car accident, because the fireman and firegal put on their gear in under 1 min and were out of the station in a flash in a big engine truck.

Also, the had a big wreck in the back of the fire station building to show the kids how crunched up the car can be on arrival to the scene, and tools they use to break open the car to rescue people pinned inside. The New Zealand slogan for speedy driving is, "The faster you go, the bigger the mess." This message is brought to you by public service announcement on TV where you get to graphically see someone's brain hemorraging and their shoulder and sternum cracking against the window. Lovely....

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