20 December 2012

School's out...again?

Did I not just have summer in June, July, and August 2012? What is this strange double summer break that we are experiencing in December 2012 and Jan 2013? God help me! That's just too many days of straight parenting. So happy that Ameera is around to babysit the kids a few hours weekly to save my sanity....

Zack has his last day of school tomorrow for three weeks and Ben has six weeks of vacation. Sadly, Mike only has public holidays of Dec 25, Dec 26 and Jan 1,2 off.

I think the best solution is to do local field trips to the beach with the kids. Sand and surf can really burn off the kiddo's seemingly limitless energy.

Also, Lido aquatic center in town is open during summer break, do we can go there too.

Glow worms of Waitomo are the next hot ticket item on the NZ bucket list for us to go see.

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