02 December 2012

Kiwi Christmas and Hanukkah

We have our Hanukkah tree up and decorated in blue, silver, and gold.  There are only 7,000 Jews in New Zealand, so we are a super minority here. 

I have decided to let Kiwi Santa come visit us this year for Christmas, since I don't want the kids to be feeling left out.

We got "Santa is Coming to New Zealand" a book about Santa being caught in a storm and crashing into SkyTower in Aukland.  A Kiwi classic, for sure!

We went to the Christmas Parade yesterday, and the elves on the float in striped leggings and red tutus threw out lollies to the kids that lined the Square, so my kids thought that was awesome.  My favorite was the Christmas UFP float with space aliens.  Uhh...another Kiwi classic?

I would upload a video, but my past attempts have failed due to insufficient bandwidth. Mike misses his high speed internet terribly....

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