13 December 2012

DIY appliances?

So the fridge delivery guy came this week and dropped off a huge box in my kitchen. "Just sign here mam." Uhhh...what? You are not done yet. It is still in its box, I thought. "aren't you going to finish installing it?" I ask incredulously.

"Nope." he replied and walked out.

Gulp...a DIY appliance job. I manage to unpack and install the fridge myself in 20 minutes.

Then came the washer and dryer I bought on Trademe. They left them in my office and nowhere close to the laundry room. Finally, I decide that I need back up help to haul the appliances into place and install a dryer vent to the outside. "Can I get an appliance install guy to come out here and help me? " I ask Darren's Appliances.  " Can't you Do It Yourself?" the receptionists asks dumbfounded. "I'd rather have help." I explain defensively.

Well, you need to go to Harvey Norman department store and buy the parts for the dryer vent install, and our handyman will charge a high rate if it takes more than 15 minutes." Sure, fine, whatever.

I buy over $100 of dryer install pieces and am happy to find out that my washer and dryer can be hauled to my laundry room and installed in 20 minutes. DIY girl I am not, but Kiwi handymen sure come in handy.

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