21 January 2014

Cicadas at Hagley Park

In the US, there is a species of cicada that lives for 17 years underground, and then mates for two weeks and goes back underground. NZ does have cicadas, and the ones that are singing in the trees tonight were all living underground lives in the 2011 earthquake. How time flies when you live in the dirt! The most common lifespan of Species in NZ is 3-5 years. Still, it is always awesome to collect their exoskeletons off trees. Zack discovered some exoskeletons on the tree trunks of several trees in the botanical garden. With joy, Ben and Zack collected some for preschool. Then Ben discovered an adult cicada emerging from its exoskeleton on the tree as we watched. Very beautiful. Amazing to imagine these creatures living their whole lives underground except for a brief mating season as a winged cicada. A wonderful memory made at the Christchurch botanical garden. Just think- where will you be in 3-5 years when the offspring of these cicadas emerge once again from the dirt?

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