18 January 2014

The Winding Road to Akaroa

We were invited to an event for the American Club of Christchurch. A picnic in Akaroa. Sounds like fun! I look at the map, and it seems close enough to Christchurch. I guess it will be a 45 minute drive. We pile into the car and head out for the event at 11:15 am. Once we start off, Google Maps insists that it will be 1 hr 37 minutes to Akaroa. What?!? Pretty much true to form, the Kiwi road got narrow and bendy over the mountain pass. We tried not to fall off the road to our doom, as it is a road known for car fatalities. Safely, we make it into the valley and the beautiful scene of Akaroa is revealed to us. Wonderful view! We made it to the beach house of a member of the American Club and have a fun time chatting about weather, fantasy football, and glider planes as well as other various topics. The kids play on the manicured lawns with nerd guns and squirt guns. A relaxed affair! On the way back into town, Mike drives home behind a slow Juicy campervan through the mountains and remarks on how hard it is to concentrate on the road with all the changing horizons and hairpin turns. So happy to be back on the flat land of downtown Christchurch! We all have a bit of road head from our adventure.

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