09 February 2014

New Year, New Job

Exciting news for me! A new job at Burnside High School is starting for me tomorrow teaching Year 11 Science and Year 9 Maths.
This comes as a big changing time for my family, because this week is Zack's 5th birthday and Ben's 8th birthday. That means that Zack starts Year 1 at Waimairi School in Christchurch. Ben began last week with his Year 3 studies. In New Zealand, they have a rolling enrolment for new entrants to elementary school. Whenever they turn 5, they go to school then.
So, Zack had a pirate party at his Montessori last Wednesday and he has his last day of school on his 5th bday this Wednesday. Burnside High School seems cool, and I get to meet my students this week. I wonder how the school will compare to the US schools. Anyhow, off on a new adventure- working mum.

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