22 September 2013

Anniversary Roast Beast

Wendy and John invited us to their 7th anniversary party at their house in Christchurch. Wendy is a longtime friend of my buddy Analyn, and they have a commonality of being from the Phillipines. John, a captain of an ice breaking ship, was a super cool American expat with the task of traveling out to Antarctica and Chile with research scientists for 3 month long research treks. Neat stories! I learned that fresh water ice is super strong and can break ships in two like the Titanic, whereas saltwater ice is softer and can be broken up by the ship's metal hull. Wendy and John bought a full roast pig to the party, a common Phillipino party food. My son Zack was troubled, and kept asking how the pig died and why they killed it and if its family of piggies missed it. He almost cried and buried his head in my arms. Maybe he will grow up to be a vegetarian like Aunt Rebecca? We had a blast and had a great time mixing with Analyn's crew and trying new foods. Mike, even though he is Jewish, had some delicious roast beast. A very cool party!

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