19 October 2013

Halloween is NOT a bday!

I cannot begin to describe the puzzled looks on Kiwi parents when they get a Halloween invitation.
This will be my second Halloween in NZ. In Palmerston North, there was an anti Halloween movement for Light Parties, run by church groups.  I have only seen one ad for a Light Party in Christchurch, and that one is a carnival theme where you can wear a non spooky Book character costume. Bizarre compromise!

Now that I live in the big city of Christchurch, I get that Halloween is still a new holiday trend, and a few people do like the idea of wearing costumes.
They always ask me what bday presents my kids want for the Halloween party.Hmm. None? They have bdays in Feb!
This is a party to just have a party!

In NZ, I have been to a few parties, and they have mostly been bdays. So, I guess I can see people's confusion on this.

Let me be clear.
Halloween is a nationally celebrated costume party in the US.
No bdays to celebrate! We Americans just live to party, even in costumes or "fancy dress" as they call it in NZ.

Come on over and have some chocolate and pizza at our house party with your kids.
Please leave the bday presents for another party.

:) Here are some pics from last year's party in Palmerston North.

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