17 September 2013

Assimilation signs

We have lived in NZ for almost a year. ben and Zack have become quite used to NZ ways. Below are some signs that my kids are becoming Kiwis. 1. They run around barefoot. No shoes needed- it's NZ! 2. Ending most sentences with "aye?" 3. Asking for marmite and butter sandwiches. Grosses me out. 4. Being embarrassed by their peanut and butter sandwiches. Too weird. They are much happier with Nutella. 5. Asking to "tidy up" their toys, not clean up. 6. Doing the haka dance at school and going to a marae. 7. Asking for biscuits with Milo for morning tea. 8. Singing the NZ national anthem. 9. Owning a foam cricket bat. 10. Making wooden sculptures with nails and a hammer during discovery time at school. 11. Petting sheep is commonplace, like petting a cat. 12. Razor scootering, rick climbing, and zip lining on a flying fox are normal kid stuff. 13. Injuries are fixed with " plasters" , not Bandaids. 14. Playing with old cabbage tree leaves in a mock Star Wars battle is a daily occurrence. 15. Ben and Zack have learned to enjoy hot chips and chicken takeaways with tomato sauce. The kids are doing great, and are becoming more Kiwi everyday. They are still super proud of being Americans, and Zack loves parading around with our flag. Funny! Time sure flies. We moved to BZ on 2 October last year!

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