15 February 2013

Kiwi Valentine's Day

Most Kiwis do not celebrate Valentine's Day. My guess is about 10-20 percent celebrate it here.So, it was quite easy to get a table at a restaurant and at the chocolate and coffee shop in town.

I was bummed that we couldn't bring in treats or cards for Valentine's Day at the kids' schools. At Zack's school it was Dress Up Day, so it more closely resembled Halloween with princesses and spidermans running around with my little Spongebob Squarepants Zachary.

I did bake treats today, but they were for Ben's school bday party tomorrow. The do it yourself icing was not fluffy enough to hold its form, but it did taste like icing. I just loaded the cupcakes up with m and m's , Choc chips, and jelly beans, so we are set!

In other news, packing is going well for our 28 Feb move to Christchurch. I try to pack 10 boxes a day, so I am not rushed at the end. The south island, here we come!

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