06 February 2013

Ant Invasion AGAIN

The little black ants have invaded the house again, this time through a tiny crack along the wall that must lead out to a crack in the foundation.

This is ant Invasion V. You missed ant invasion IV, where they entered the house through a pipeline hole in the wall where the kids toilet is. That was crazy, as they discovered the cat bowl of dry food and proceeded to eat it all.

Ant Invasion V started with a straw from an ice cream freeze drink. Zack threw it near but not in the trash. The ant scout found the ice cream straw. Bam! Suddenly 600 ants crawling near the trash can and all over the floor.

They are out there waiting to find a way in through a small crack- the ANTS.
Raid to the rescue. 6 rounds of poison and ant traps to win the invasion this time....

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