09 April 2015

Puzzling World in Wanaka

Family activities are a good way to get everyone together and bonding. Puzzling World in Wanaka is just one of those special places.
It has a maze with bridges and four colour towers. This maze was quite challenging, and only my crafty husband made it out successfully without taking an "emergency escape exit".
The kids also really liked the optical illusion room, where you look way taller or way smaller based on where you stand at the back of the room.
The Puzzling World starts off with a series of rooms at an incline of 10-15 degrees. It appears that water flows up, and that you
can "slide up" a slide, instead of sliding down. There are a few Escher window clings which I adored. Optical illusions was a theme throughout the whole place.
Mike loved the leaning tower of Wanaka. You can take pictures on the lawn just so it appears that you are Superstrong and holding the tower up, or are eating the tower, or are pushing it back into place. The key for Mike was getting us to cooperate as we were tired from waiting for him in the cafe and puzzle room while he finished the maze ( 45 more mins). Then crafting the perfect tower shot was another 20 mins, at which point the kids were all puzzled out.

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