06 April 2015

Easter and Passover in Christchurch

This is my third Easter and Passover here in Christchurch. I know how to hunt for matzah at the Johnson's International Grocer, how to sing "Dayenu" in a room with tables of Jews from the Canterbury area and Israel. I know how to throw an autumn egg hunt for the American Club of Christchurch.
But more importantly, I have incorporated NZ customs into my holiday celebrations. Zack cut up beetroot to add to my Seder plate on Friday. We got some Waikato chocolate hollow eggs to share, in various themed boxes from the Warehouse. I even got a mould from a department store to make my own hollow chocolate eggs. The kids had three Seders for Passover and three egg hunts this April. More importantly, we all got to enjoy a 4 day weekend as Good Friday and Easter Monday are statutory holidays in NZ. Almost everything is closed except for tourist spots and a few dairies on the corner.
Mandatory family bonding time!
Mike is teaching the kids how to play Poker, and I took everyone swimming at Pioneer Swim centre. The kids and I ended Easter with a walk at Willowbank and we hand fed the emus, sheep, pukekos, and even pet wallabies.
Happy autumn holidays from the NZ Frieds!

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