28 November 2013


It is the holiday time of year! This week it was Mike's 35 th day on Monday. The first night of Hanukkah was last night, and the kids were super excited. Tonight is our Thanksgiving, and second night of Hanukkah. We have been cleaning a ton, because our housing inspection is on Monday morning. So, I expect 13 guests for dinner tonight at 6:15. Should be awesome! I made a roast chicken ( size 30), and three pumpkin pies. Making pie in NZ takes a while, since you need to roast the pumpkins first. In America, there is canned pumpkin. In NZ, you get to scoop out seeds and cook your own pumpkin. The American Club of Christchurch called me this week to ask me to cook their super expensive 9 kg (20 lb) turkey for the Sat luncheon party. Sure! So now my plan is to cook that turkey all day Friday - 9 hours. Hopefully, I won't get called in to be a reliever Friday. Otherwise, I will have to cook it after school til midnight. Super beast of a bird! I am also excited to be going to Hamner Springs this weekend with Marie, Vicky, and Anna for a girls' spa weekend. Fun times at the Fried household.

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