19 November 2013

My Thanksgiving Chicken

Last year, I missed MA terribly, so I went all out to search for a NZ turkey for Thanksgiving. I was successful, but at a cost of $85 for a 12 lb bird. Here it is! This year, my Thanksgiving will feature a local NZ raised chicken, size 20 or 30, for dinner to share with friends. I have seen these on sale for 17-20 dollars. However, I did go to the international grocer in the Restart mall and get 3 boxes of stuffing mix. Traditional box mix is the way to go. No chance for cranberry sauce, alas. My MA friends back in the states will have to eat an extra gelping for those of us that live far from the cranberry bogs of the east coast.

1 comment:

  1. You'll just have to have the cranberry sauce for Christmas when you return to the USA. If you're still in NZ next year, we'll send you some Thanksgiving supplies.