18 April 2013


Next Thursday is a holiday! People sell red poppies to wear on your shirt. A Memorial Day of sorts.

ANZAC day is a Memorial Day for soldiers that fought in WW 1, so they have parades and memorial services.

All these Kiwi holidays...hard to keep track of!

Update: so we sold red poppies to pin to your shirt last Sat in front of Harvey Norman department store. My kids drove the middle aged ladies selling sausage nearby insane! Oh well, my loud American kids were too "annoying" , so we were asked to leave by the sausage sizzling gals after 30 mins. The sky was raining a solid downpour, so it was good timing.

Then, on Anzac Day, we marched with the scouts in the Papanui parade, which was fun. Here is a pic of us in our scouting uniforms for the ANZAC parade.


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  2. Glad you like my blog! Hope you have a good move to Palmerston North!