27 September 2012

Trouble with police?

So, I am up in the middle of the night trying to load the last suitcases into the car to bring to the hotel.  Then, I stop at Walmart at 3 am for snacks and airplane toys. I am a block from my hotel coming back from the Walmart trip when sirens  start blazing behind me and a cop pulls me over in the parking lot across from my hotel.
He's screaming at me to stay in the car and calls in a second cop. 

I am very confused what I could have done wrong, since I was driving normally at the speed limit.

"Why didn't you pull over immediately?" the officer demands.

"I was looking for a safe place to pull over, " I insist.

" I could arrest you right now for failure to yield to police!" he barks at me.

After searching my car with a flashlight for contraband and finding none and then checking my vision, he asks me for license and registration.  I am in my 2003 Focus, but I sold it to my friend, so I am borrowing the car for a few days and the plates don't match the registration. Sketchy.....

" What are you doing out at 3:30 in the morning?" the officer quizzes me.

I burst into tears. " Moving to New Zealand.  Want to see my passport?" I offer up through sobs." Sketchy story....
"You have no inspection sticker posted- a $50 fine.  Nine times out of 10 when someone doesn't pull over right away there are drugs and alcohol involved, mam.  Do you see my position?" he yells at me.

" Where are you going? He asks me.

" The Comfort Inn across the street," I say through tears. Sketchy....

"Why not home to your house at Kingston?" he asks me in disbelief.

" The movers packed everything, even the beds." I try to explain while sobbing hysterically.

He checks his computer and finds that the car was sold this week to a resident in Carver- my story checks out and I have no criminal record. Begrudgingly,  he returns to the drivers side window.

" Against my better judgement, I am letting you off with a warning. Get the car inspected, and drive safely across the street.  Take a deep breath, mam."

In this case, the truth is stranger than fiction. The policemen drive away, and I am left crying from fear in my car. Bad night to be moving, I guess.

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