20 September 2012

One week until the move....

Countdown is in effect for the move. First stop will be Los Angeles for two days to visit cousin Evelyne Steward and Irina and Alex Fried, then onto a 16 hr flight to Palmerston North.  We splurged to get the "sky couch" , which means we will have 6 coach seats for the four of us. This is good because the boys are like squirrel monkeys and are very active on a plane. Having a sky couch also means you have the possibility of lying down in your seats or stretching your legs.

Mission this week is packing up and selling the last of our cars- a 2008 Ford Focus with 90,250 miles. We were told by the dealer in Hanover that it would fetch us 500 more dollars to keep it under 90 K, but a last trek to Vermont to visit relatives this past weekend was a 600 mile bust for the odometer.

In other packing news, I must remove all batteries from all electronics that we own. They can melt and leak battery acid in the hot ocean sun, so they are forbidden cargo in the 20 ft container shipment.

I also had to give pressed flower picture to my mother- in -law, since dried flowers are forbidden and will be destroyed ( incinerated) if brought through customs. Yikes!

Battery woes

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